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Starlight Parade Paradise

My family fell in love. Deeply in love.

Years ago a little town called Chula Vista stole my grandmother's heart and she, her 6 children, and 20 grandchildren haven't left since. It's crazy to think the very parade our family bundled on a street corner in front of 711 on Third Avenue for, is the same one we have our very own 30 foot float proudly gliding through. The horns honked, people cheered, and we felt the love.

San Diego weather seems to get more unpredictable every year. However, that didn't change the exciting lights dancing across the reflections, the children dancing along to the Christmas songs passing by on the next float, and the incredible energy that resonated throughout the streets.

We thank everyone who took part, who attended, and who were there in spirit. We love you so much and we'll see you next year!

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